PUSH Tool 3.0 - 3

Electronic PUSH Tool ver 3.0 (© NPUAP * )

By BioVisual Technologies, LLC

The PUSH Tool is now easier than ever to use!

What every Long Term Care facility needs now!

PictZar® streamlines the process by automatically assigning sub-scores, adding and obtaining the total score, and then plots the total score on the graph.

1. Starting the Electronic PUSH Tool

2. Creating a new PUSH Tool File

3. Entering data to PUSH Tool

4. Printing Push Tool


Choose PUSH Tool from the PictZar Switchboard......

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Creating a New PUSH Tool File........

Choose or Enter the Id to create the new PUSH Tool "File Name"

Then Enter the basic information as Directed by the NPUAP to Create a New PUSH Tool

1. First and Last Name   2. Anatomical Location  3. Then... Click create New File


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Entering Data is as simple as 1-2-3

.....Then Click Save Data

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PictZar will save the data and plot the results:

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Printing PUSH Tool...........

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Printed PUSH Tool

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