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About the PUSH Tool

The Pressure Ulcer Scale for Healing ( PUSH Tool ) was developed by the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel ( NPUAP ) as a quick, reliable tool to monitor the change in pressure ulcer status over time.  It is a validated tool.

There are 3 pressure ulcer parameters that are used in the PUSH Tool

1. Surface Area in centimeters square

2. Wound Exudate Amount

3. Wound Tissue type

Each of the parameter are converted to a sub-score:  Area Sub-Score; Exudate Sub-Score; Tissue Sub-Score

The 3 sub-scores are added to produce a Total Score. The total score will always fall between "0" ( closed wound ) to "17" ( highest score)

The total score is then placed in a graph which shows the trend over time. ( that the wound is getting better or worse )

PictZar's Electronic Version of the PUSH Tool 3.0 :

PictZar® streamlines the process by automatically assigning sub-scores, adding and obtaining the total score, and then plots the total score on the graph.

  •  Converts the Area to the Area Sub-Score (either entered by user or by importing area from PictZar®.)
  •  Allows you to choose an Exudate amount and PictZar® enters the Exudate Sub-Score
  •  Allows you to choose the Wound Tissue Type and PictZar® enters the Tissue Sub-Score
  •  PictZar® automatically Calculates the Total Score
  •  PictZar® enters the Total Score into a graph and plots the Total Score into the graph.
  •  PictZar® save all the data and graphs for you to review or print anytime.
  •  PictZar® exports the data to Excel and or a data file for further evaluation and analysis

Directions.......... Detailed:

Length x Width: Measure the greatest length (head to toe) and the greatest width (side to side) using a

centimeter ruler. Multiply these two measurements (length x width) to obtain an estimate of surface area in square

centimeters (cm2). Caveat: Do not guess! Always use a centimeter ruler and always use the same method each

time the ulcer is measured.


Exudate Amount: Estimate the amount of exudate (drainage) present after removal of the dressing and before

applying any topical agent to the ulcer. Estimate the exudate (drainage) as none (0), light (1), moderate (2), or heavy (3).


Tissue Type:  This refers to the types of tissue that are present in the wound (ulcer) bed. Score as a “4” if there

is any necrotic tissue present. Score as a “3” if there is any amount of slough present and necrotic tissue is absent.

Score as a “2” if the wound is clean and contains granulation tissue. A superficial wound that is reepithelializing is

scored as a “1”. When the wound is closed, score as a “0”.

4 – Necrotic Tissue (Eschar): black, brown, or tan tissue that adheres firmly to the wound bed or ulcer

edges and may be either firmer or softer than surrounding skin.

3 – Slough: yellow or white tissue that adheres to the ulcer bed in strings or thick clumps, or is mucinous.

2 – Granulation Tissue: pink or beefy red tissue with a shiny, moist, granular appearance.

1 – Epithelial Tissue: for superficial ulcers, new pink or shiny tissue (skin) that grows in from the edges or

as islands on the ulcer surface.

0 – Closed/Resurfaced: the wound is completely covered with epithelium (new skin).

PictZar® Electronic PUSH Tool Screen Shot

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