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HydroStep™  Standoff Kit: (Plus Shipping)       HydroStep™ Kits @ $120.00/ kit

HydroStep™ Multi-Use Inserts (package of 3) @ $18.00/ package of 3 inserts

Sound-Seal™ Protective Film Dressing** by Prescription ONLY   (10cm x 11.4 cm) (Plus Shipping)

10 Film Dressings @ $1.99/ Dressing($19.99)

25 Film Dressings @ $1.89/ Dressing ($47.25)

 Box of 50 Film Dressings:  @  1.79/Dressing  ($89.50 Per BOX)                        

 Case of 200 Film Dressings @ $1.69/Dressing ($338.00 Per Case)

Sony Video Paper (UPP-110HG)

 VIDEO PRINTER PAPER - Each BOX has 5 ROLLS   -   No. of Boxes   @ $84.00/Box

(Best Price for High Glossy Paper)

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Doctor's License Number Required for SoundSeal film only**