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Scanner Equipment-Aloka SSD-3500

   Aloka SSD-3500

Small foot print for use in office setting

Color Flow, Power Flow, Tissue Doppler

DICOM, Tiff, Jpeg, Bit Map: Hard Drive, MO Drive

10 - 13Mhz. Linear Array Transducer for MSK.

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A Platform for Digital, Pure-Beam Imaging

The high-performance, ALOKA ProSound SSD-3500 utilizes advanced ProSound technologies including:

  • Fully digital beam former
  • A wide dynamic range, 12-bit A/D converter
  • Multi beam processing.

The SSD-3500 also helps you achieve more efficient examinations. Its ergonomic, user-friendly design enables you to customize the system according to your specific application needs

A Better Diagnostic Tool

With over 50 years of ultrasound design experience and Aloka's dedication to the surgery marketplace, Aloka has developed a superior system that raises the bar for MSK ultrasound.

The SSD-3500 delivers:

  • High performance digital imaging capabilities
  • An easy-to-use ultrasound system
  • An affordable price

Aloka’s SSD-3500 combines the latest in digital processing technology with high resolution transducer engineering to deliver a powerful ultrasound system for examining the musculoskeletal system of the body.

With its UST-5542 13Mhz transducer, the SSD-3500 is the perfect system to detect problems with muscles, tendons, joints, and soft tissue. It is very effective at:

  • Diagnosing tendon tears (e.g., tears of the rotator cuff in the shoulder)
  • Diagnosing bleeding or other fluid collections within the muscles, bursae, and other joints
  • Easily guiding therapeutic needles
  • Identifying the degree of vascularity associated with inflammatory processes

And because ultrasound is a dynamic imaging modality, impingements and tears are easily visualized on the monitor.


  • Digital Processing/PixelFocus™
    A 100% digital processing technique that allows the SSD-3500 to focus down to the pixel level to provide for very high quality spatial resolution for improved visualization of clinical detail.
  • High Performance12-bit A/D Converter
    Achieve high-quality images with the broad dynamic range and high contrast resolution with our 12-bit A/D converter.
  • Digital Storage
    The SSD-3500 supports data storage in multiple formats including DICOM, TIFF, JPG, and BMP using its iDMS (Intelligent Data Management System) software.
  • Color Doppler
    Wide dynamic range ColorFlow, PowerFlow, and Tissue Doppler Imaging provide outstanding analysis of blood flow morphology.
  • Dual Dynamic Display (DDD)
    Simultaneously display two B-mode images (with and without color flow) to easily show the relationship between the morphological information and the blood flow of the region of interest.
  • Tissue Harmonic Echo (THE)
    The SSD-3500 utilizes second harmonics, which include much less side lobe artifact and noise, and provides improved tissue differentiation with increased contrast resolution. This also helps imaging of difficult-to-exam patients such as the aged and the obese.
  • Small Footprint
    In a crowded office setting, space if often hard to find. Surprisingly, the SSD-3500 takes up little space. And with its adjustable monitor and keyboard, the SSD-3500 is easy to use and comfortable to operate.

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